2019 2nd International Conference on Big Data Technologies

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Wenyu Zhang, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, China
Dr. Wenyu Zhang is a full professor and dean at the School of Information, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, China. He received Bachelor degree in Zhejiang University, China in 1989 and Ph.D. in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2002. He worked as a research fellow (2003 to 2004) in Singapore – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance. His current research interests include business analytics, big data management, data mining, etc. He has published over 100 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He has been principle investigator of three national projects supported by National Natural Scientific Foundation of China.

Prof. William Wei Song, Dalarna University, Sweden 
Dr. William Wei Song is a full professor in Information Systems and Business Intelligence at Dalarna University, Sweden, from Dalarna University in 2011 and was an academic staff member at Durham University in England. He received docent title from Stockholm University in Computer and Information Science in 2003.
Prof. Song received PhD in Computer and Information Sciences from Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden in 1995. Dr. Song was a senior researcher at E-Business Technology Institute of Hong Kong University, Hong Kong from 2000. He sits at the editorial board of international journals including International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD), International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining (IJKEDM), International Journal of Knowledge Engineering (IJKE), and Advances in Computational and Applied Sciences (ACAS). He has been general chair, track chair and program committee chair of many international conferences workshops, and symposiums, including World Wide Web, WISE-QUAT series, and ICKET 2015, ICCIA 2017, and ISD series. He was keynote speaker at ICKET, WAST, ICCIA, etc. He has been reviewer of many scientific and technology funders, including ITF (Hong Kong), Vinnova (Sweden), EPSRC (UK), and ESPRIT (EEC) and FP7 (EU), and NSFC and 863 (China). In the last few years, Prof. Song has been principal or co-investigator of the following projects:
2018, EU Interreg, ecoINSIDE 2
2014, EU Project on energy
2011, ReliaWind, EU Project, focusing on error/fault detection of wind turbines in a large wind energy system.
2008, EPSRC Project Customers’ Requirements Analysis for British Telecom.

Dr. Song has published over 150 research papers in international journals including Data and Knowledge Engineering (Elsevier), Journal on Computational Logic, and Information Science, and conferences, including ER, CAiSE, WWW, WISE, COMPSAC, and ISD. His research interests cover Database Systems, Conceptual Modelling, Web Science, Semantic Web Services, e-Business, Computational Social Network, intelligent transport, smart cities, and e-Healthcare. Recent Publications: 1. An Euclidean similarity measurement approach for hotel rating data analysis, Song, William Wei, Lin, Chenlu, Forsman, Anders, Avdic, Anders, In: Proceedings 2017 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis, ICCCBDA 2017, 2017, 293-298 p.
2. LDA-TM: A Two-Step Approach to Twitter Topic Data Clustering, Luyi Zou and William Song, in Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis, ICCCBDA 2016, pp. 342-247
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4. Combining Trust Propagation and Topic-Level User Interest Expansion in Recommender Systems, Z. Yu, X. Zheng, W. Song, D. Chen, IJWSR 2016
5. Combination of Evaluation Methods for Assessing the Quality of Service for Express Delivery Industry, Q. Lou, S. Zhang and W. W. Song, WISE 2015, pp. 342-247
6. A graph-based comprehensive reputation model: Exploiting the social context of opinions to enhance trust in social commerce, SR Yan, XL Zheng, Y Wang, WW Song, WY Zhang, Information Sciences 2014
7. An efficient and reliable approach for quality-of-service-aware service composition, J Li, XL Zheng, ST Chen, WW Song, D Chen, Information Sciences 269, 238-254 2014
8. Multilayer and Multi-agent Data Fusion in WSN, Sheng Zhang, X. Liu, X. Bao, and W. W. Song, in Proceedings of WISE 2014
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10. Why is it difficult to teach Chinese at a virtual classroom?–A pedagogic view, JIA YAN, WW SONG, IAMURE International Journal of Education 8 (1) 2014
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14. Conceptual Graph: An Approach to Improve Quality of Business Services Modeling, X Du, WW Song, Web Information Systems Engineering–WISE 2013 Workshops, 239-251 2014
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